Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Poem It Out

I've started an e-course called Poem It Out with Liz Lamoreux.  I've been taking some writing classes as part of my sabbatical requirements and this seemed like a fun way to stretch myself a bit.   Truthfully, I find poetry kinda intimidating.  The cool thing is that in this course, you combine the writing with photography.  I love that!
So here's a photo I took and some thoughts that go with it.

20 Minute Nap

I settle into my napping couch
and set the timer.
I'm becoming my mother.

We'd laugh at her short slumbers.
It's all I need
she'd say

She never allowed herself
a full amount of anything - 
a bite of donut
half a Coke
a smidgen of nap
Just enough to tide her over
.... until..... what?


  1. ohhhhhhhh...i like this!
    she never allowed herself
    a full amount of anything...

    i want to read more!

    {and i love the comforting!}

  2. Love the napping couch. Glad to be in Poetry class with you.


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