Saturday, April 7, 2012

Photo Heart Connection : March

This is my Photo Heart Connection for March.  It seems like a rather boring photo of a sapling.

But that's what I love about Kat's Photo Heart Challenge.  We're not picking the most interesting photo of the month or the most technically proficient...but the one that speaks to us for some reason.

There was just something about the tiny bird's nest nestled in this newborn tree that arrested my attention.  As you can tell from the background, there are so many other seemingly better choices - more mature trees that would provide better protection, a more secure station in life.  Choosing one of the others would seem so much more sensible.  Looking at this fragile little stick of a tree proudly wearing that nest had me feeling inspired by the bird who built it.  It's as if our feathered friend is telling us - THIS is the tree I love.  I'm going to follow my heart.

kat eye view


  1. I love this Kathy! The bird didn't choose the "perfect" tree, but the tree and worked best for what was needed. There is definitely a message for us here! Thank you for linking in to the Photo-Heart Connection this month.

  2. Kathy I love your sentiments and that you were able to "see" all this. Beautiful.

  3. Your interpretation of this image is wonderful! Thanks for sharing the message and photo!

  4. Hi Kathy, I've just discovered this posting and love what you say about the bird choosing that particular very young tree. It's a really lovely photo and I love the way the more mature trees seem to be "ganging up" in the background whispering to each other about the bird's choice! Beautiful!


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