Monday, January 30, 2012

Better Late Than Never

All day on Friday I felt like I was forgetting something.  Friday, January 27th.  Nah, doesn't ring a bell.  No one in the family has a birthday on that date, no anniversaries...I must be imaging things.  Then it hit me - it was the last Friday in January - time to link up with the selfie project!  (It didn't hit me until AFTER Friday, of course)  So here is the picture that I intended to link up on Friday.

Better late than never.  So I went and got myself a 2012 planner.  Maybe that will help me to keep on track.

One of today's tasks?  Start using the planner!  I'll be filling those lines up quickly! question....
where will I keep it so I will actually remember to look at it?

Friday, January 20, 2012

Selfie Project

 Urban Muser is hosting a selfie challenge.  The idea is to get in front of the camera for a change!  I like the fact that you can choose your own goal.  I'm going to try for 52.  One per week.  That's reasonable, right?   I'd love to do a 365 project of some sort, but I don't feel ready for it yet.  This project will help me to get to know myself better and stretch my comfort zone a bit.
Why does it seem narcissistic when I do it, but creative when other people do it?  I'm just not very comfortable taking pix of myself. I enjoy looking at everyone else's photos - how they capture their personalities and emotions and lives.  Time to "just do it" - put myself out there - both figuratively and literally!
My wish is to be more confident - this project seems perfect for that.

It will be interesting to look back and reflect when I get to Selfie# 52/52!  Thanks UrbanMuser!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Why photography?

That's the question posed by the "Finding your Eye" course that I'm taking with Kat of KatEye Studio .  Hmmm.  It's a good one.  I guess I like how immediate photography is.  I enjoy painting, but capturing an image takes days or weeks with that medium.  With a camera, I can capture an image instantly.

 Usually it's light that attracts me to a scene - the warm glow right before sunset or the blueness afterwards or how light falls across an object.  The light is what often makes me pause.  It can take my breath away.
(this photo is a repost, sorry!  but I love how the light makes it seem to glow with warmth)

 In a photograph, I'm trying to share the fleeting feeling that I experienced.  The challenge of expressing that is invigorating.

Photography is also a way for me to be in the moment - which is a skill and a way of life that I'm trying to practice.  When I'm taking photos, I get lost - in a good way.  Everything else falls away and I'm in the flow.  It's a nice feeling.
I originally found photography because of my daughter.  She started exploring with her camera for her high school courses and it sparked my interest.  I'm hoping that it is something we can share.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Memories, Dreams and Reflections

2011 was a year of growth.  I didn't realize just how much growth until I went back through my photos to participate in Ashley Sisk's Memories, Dreams and Reflections challenge over at Ramblings and Photos.  (I love her blog!) I didn't think I'd have pictures for all of her prompts, but I had more than I expected, considering that I was using a point & shoot sporadically and took my new DSRL camera out of the box in, like, September!  I have some new goals for 2012 - take more pictures to help me cherish the year, organize them better and get more acquainted with Photoshop to improve them.
Here is what I came up with :

A little self-portrait for an art journal page.  I hope to spend more time creating at this table in 2012.

I Love You

even though you were not happy about taking this pic!

Still Laughing (more like smiling...)

Playfulness...I want to have more of that in my life in 2012.  This horse was certainly enjoying the moment!  He brought a smile to my face.

Winter Wonderland


My baby turned 18 this year.

Summer Days
Fun in the sun with my girls :)

All Smiles
Playing with my pop's old camera.  Sweet memories.

Autumn Harvest

Philly at night

Santa came!
(Kim Klassen and her textures are awesome)

Let's Do It Again

Pizza and champagne night-in

I Miss You

We lost my Grandmom this past year.  This was one of her Christmas ornaments that my family added to our tree.  Miss you, Gran!


I hope that someday she discovers just how beautiful she is.
 It was a beautiful day and a beautiful gift to watch her with her camera.

Don't Ever Change
Although you're a man now, you will always be my sweet boy. You have such a warm way about you - and a great way with kids.  Hope that never changes.

Hopes & Dreams

My hope is for everyone to have peace and happiness in 2012!