Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Going wild in the city

     On Sunday, I set off to meet some blog friends in Philly - Kathy (You'll Shoot Your Eye Out), Wendy (In Focus On Him) and Shay (Eye On The Sparrow).  It was a lot of fun - my first photo meet-up!  We wandered around the historic district, so I expected to capture shots of Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, yada yada,yada...

     I certainly didn't expect to take shots of wild life!!!

 Okay, maybe it isn't exactly wild life.  But this guy just seemed to beg to have his picture taken.  Or maybe he was hoping for a handout...

This, however, was a little more unexpected in downtown Philly.

It looks like this was taken in a country setting.  Until you pan out...

Lesson learned.  The beauty of nature is everywhere!

More wild life in the city?

This guy seemed to think so.  We did get a few glances from passerby.

 I wonder why?

Thanks for a great day ladies!  Check out their blogs.  These girls have skills (besides bike-jacking) :)

Monday, March 5, 2012

February Photo Heart Connection

Meet Ted.  (Original, right?)  He belongs to my daughter.  Did I mention that my daughter is 23?  He came to live with us after my baby shower, before she was even born.  He sat patiently in her crib waiting for her arrival. He still holds a special place in her heart - and under her pillow - even after all these years. He's a well educated bear, he went to college at Penn State. I'm sure he had some interesting adventures there, but he's not telling. He's also well travelled.  He lived in Spain with my daughter while she studied abroad.  I was so afraid that her luggage would get lost, with Ted inside! That would have been devastating! He is well-loved as you can see.  He is my Photo-Heart connection this month.  Whenever I look at him, I just smile- because he is a treasure to my daughter and because having a daughter who still brings her Ted with her wherever she goes is a treasure to me.

kat eye view
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