Saturday, April 7, 2012

Photo Heart Connection : March

This is my Photo Heart Connection for March.  It seems like a rather boring photo of a sapling.

But that's what I love about Kat's Photo Heart Challenge.  We're not picking the most interesting photo of the month or the most technically proficient...but the one that speaks to us for some reason.

There was just something about the tiny bird's nest nestled in this newborn tree that arrested my attention.  As you can tell from the background, there are so many other seemingly better choices - more mature trees that would provide better protection, a more secure station in life.  Choosing one of the others would seem so much more sensible.  Looking at this fragile little stick of a tree proudly wearing that nest had me feeling inspired by the bird who built it.  It's as if our feathered friend is telling us - THIS is the tree I love.  I'm going to follow my heart.

kat eye view

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Poem It Out 2

  Morning Pages

Birds chirp good morning songs
nestled in newly born chartreuse leaves
I turn back inside 
noting the rhythmic hum of the refrigerator
Does it ever rest?
bare blank page waiting
faintly noticing the after taste of morning coffee
I pinch the rubber grip
silver tip gliding across the paper
splaying ink in its wake
Alone with my words.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Poem It Out

I've started an e-course called Poem It Out with Liz Lamoreux.  I've been taking some writing classes as part of my sabbatical requirements and this seemed like a fun way to stretch myself a bit.   Truthfully, I find poetry kinda intimidating.  The cool thing is that in this course, you combine the writing with photography.  I love that!
So here's a photo I took and some thoughts that go with it.

20 Minute Nap

I settle into my napping couch
and set the timer.
I'm becoming my mother.

We'd laugh at her short slumbers.
It's all I need
she'd say

She never allowed herself
a full amount of anything - 
a bite of donut
half a Coke
a smidgen of nap
Just enough to tide her over
.... until..... what?

Monday, April 2, 2012

I Feel Bad About My Neck

Have you ever read Nora Ephron's book I Feel Bad About My Neck?  It's the first thing I thought of when I took this picture for Urban Muser's selfie project.

It's a very funny book with lots of little snippets about getting older.  One of the anecdotes is about how she feels badly about her neck.  It's gotten old and wrinkly and saggy.  She warns us that we may use all the anti-aging creams in the world on our faces or get botox or face lifts, but our necks will always give us away.  Well, as my father-in-law used to say - "I don't mind getting older - it beats the alternative!"

This month's challenge was to do a selfie in black and white.  There are a lot of very creative interpretations linked up!
In The Picture

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Happy Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Joining in Scavenger Hunt Sunday this week.  The prompts were...

I think that's seven cars in my rear view mirror.  Just passing the time at a red light.

This was actually a sunrise - not a sunset.  I'm not exactly a morning person.  I like my sleep!  I'm sure my husband won't believe that I took this shot.  HE'S usually the early riser in our house.

High Angle
 Bejamin Franklin's grave.  People traditionally toss pennies on it.  A penny saved is a penny earned. 
 I wonder what they do with all of the pennies. 
 I'll have to remind my daughter about that saying the next time she wants to go to the mall.

Low Angle
Momma robin proud of her handiwork.

Sun Flare
General Anthony Wayne on guard at Valley Forge Park.  He has an excellent view of the sunrise each day.

Well, that's it for this week.
I always love looking at everyone's links for this challenge at Ramblings and Photos.
Have a lovely week :)