Monday, April 2, 2012

I Feel Bad About My Neck

Have you ever read Nora Ephron's book I Feel Bad About My Neck?  It's the first thing I thought of when I took this picture for Urban Muser's selfie project.

It's a very funny book with lots of little snippets about getting older.  One of the anecdotes is about how she feels badly about her neck.  It's gotten old and wrinkly and saggy.  She warns us that we may use all the anti-aging creams in the world on our faces or get botox or face lifts, but our necks will always give us away.  Well, as my father-in-law used to say - "I don't mind getting older - it beats the alternative!"

This month's challenge was to do a selfie in black and white.  There are a lot of very creative interpretations linked up!
In The Picture


  1. I totally agree with your FIL. We earned these wrinkles, right?

    Cute post and I love your selfie! :)

  2. your father in law was right :) thanks for linking up at {in the picture} this month!

  3. I feel that way about my hands. I can't hide them and they have looked like 60 year old hands ever since I was 18. HATE IT. But what can you do? I'd look stupid wearing gloves all the time :)

    1. I've always said I have 90 year old woman hands! I hesitate to wear rings or get manicures... don't want to draw attention to them, ya know? The hands have been that way forever... the neck, well that's a recent phenomenon. haha

  4. wrinkles = character :)


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