Sunday, March 9, 2014


The temperatures broke the freezing mark.  It actually got close to 50 degrees!  People were still bundled up, but SIGNS of spring and warmer weather were all around.



The warmer temps have me dreaming of sunny beach days

Signs of Spring are welcome, because that means summer isn't far behind!

Which means bathing suit season.  Time to put the camera down and grab the sneakers.
Work-out season is here!

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  1. Whoa -- those waves are huge! Surfer are out here on the West coast year round, though I think that's crazy. That last sign is intriguing -- Summer Salt. Ha ha. Sounds like a great place to shop!

  2. i was at the beach yesterday as well, i saw many of the same things. the ocean was rough here at the shore and the surfers were lovin' it!!

    beautiful images!!

  3. I love the first signs - you know it's close and it just makes you SO ready for the next season.

  4. These lovely shots have me longing for spring and summer even more than I was!
    Great shots of the waves!

  5. Those waves look awesome. I'd love to visit the beach but the bathing suit store....not gonna happen!

  6. I can't wait for warm days like this. The waves are spectacular!

  7. oh, I love your signs of spring!!! Those ocean shots are just amazing!!!

  8. That does look promising! Love the fence on the dunes.

  9. Really beautiful shots.. I LOVE being by the water even if I have to wear a coat.


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